FWD: POSTing images?!!?

Vladimir sukonnik@process.com (SUKONNIK@PROCESS.COM)
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 23:36:55 +0100

>From: koblas@netcom.com (David Koblas)
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>Subject: POSTing images?!!?
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>I've noticed an alarming thing about a large class of
> AIR_Mosaic(16bit)/v3.07.04.02
> AIR_Mosaic(16bit)/v3.09.05.08
> MacMosaic 2.0.0 a6
> Mozilla/0.9 Beta (Windows)
> Mozilla/0.9 beta (Macintosh)
> proxy gateway CERN-HTTPD
> NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System/2.4
>libwww/2.12 modified
> NCSA Mosaic(tm) for Windows/Version 2.0 (ALPHA
> WinMosaic/Version 2.0 (ALPHA 1)
> WinMosaic/Version 2.0 (ALPHA 2)
> WinMosaic/Version 2.0 (ALPHA 5)
> WinMosaic/Version 2.0 (ALPHA 6)
>That they POST the requests for IMGs in the results of a
>POST method.
>You're going what does he mean? This is what I belive
> A user enters a CGI script and does a POST to
>submit it.
> A resulting HTML document is returned,
>containing new
> icon images, which the browser does then
> does a POST to retrive those images.
>This is my only theory.
>Has anyone else seen this, or can somebody quantify it

We were able to reproduce the problem with NCSA Mosaic. The
Mozilla/0.9 Beta (Windows) , however, worked just fine. The log
on the server side indicated that the browser was doing a GET,
and not a POST.


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