Re: Frames & WWW

Stavros Macrakis (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 01:54:49 +0100

Phillip M. Hallam-Baker <> says:

Until UNICODE based programming languages become comonplace I doubt
that there will be much use for the UNICODE variants since most
other text needing fancy fonts will have other formatting (eg

Phillip, you say you've produced code for Unicode support, so the
above comment mystifies me. First of all, what is a "Unicode-based
programming language"? As far as I can tell, bad old C can process
Unicode bits as well as it can ASCII or EBCDIC bits. Are you alluding
to the problem of embedded nulls in strings in the C libraries?

Second, what do fancy fonts have to do with Unicode? Unicode doesn't
specify fonts at all, only characters.

Finally, you appear to imply that using Unicode character encodings is
somehow not orthogonal from HTML formatting. In what way?