Control areas ?

Sean Martin (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 10:51:37 +0100

The following suggestion was appended to one of the IBM internal news groups :

>Can those who are communicating with the informal HTML development
>outside IBM suggest the addition in the browsers of an area on
>the browser frame, of a top (header) and bottom (footer) area,
>It would be nice to have this plus an html tag which allowed specification
>of either an image map, a set of icons, or a set of char strings
>with html anchors '<a HREF=' in these areas. Thus your 'icons'
>for forward and backward page movement, search and navigation would not scroll with
>the document and you wouldn't have to go all the way to the top or
>bottom of a long file to get to them.

Seems to me that this might be a good idea. It would need an HTML extention but I doubt
that this would be consistent with SGML. Perhaps it could go into the <header> area ?
Would anyone more knowledgeable care to comment ?

Kindest regards Sean.


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