More on HTTP-NG timings

Simon E Spero (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 16:56:16 +0100

Rob - the prelim tests I did were based on fetching lots of small documents
from unc to HP labs in Bristol. The bandwidth was estimated by fetching a large
file (2Mb) using raw TCP.

I've also done some more tests this morning (when the network connection is
less busy). To get a more realistic idea of real-world performance, I used
as a data set the sunsite home page, and one instance of each of its inline
images. I ran the servers on tipper to eliminate any noise from the sunsite
net load (it's a different T1 to the campus one). Total size was ~48K, split
up between 5 files.

HTTP 1.0 gave an average transfer time of 24.7 seconds. HTTP-NG 0.9 had an
average time of around 5 seconds

The same test, using a machine at Ventana Media (In NC, but routed via DC),
gave an average time for HTTP-TOS of around 5.6 seconds, with HTTP-NG
clocking around 1.5 seconds.


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