Re: Virtual Places --- Enhance Your Web with Human Presence

Ehud Shapiro (
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 23:56:43 +0100

> Udi Shapiro writes about some new Telepresence software and quotes a URL.
> Interesting enough for a detour.

Thanks! I hope one day we will be worth the journey ;-)

> >From <>
> > Moreover, participating universities may continue using the Virtual Places
> > software at no cost after the product is released.
> OK, fine, except no mention of this non-binding statement in [the agreement]

As is the case with Internet companies (cf. the Netscape beta
agreement) it takes time to synch with lawyers. You will have to trust
us on that. Part of the lawyers work is done, as we made sure that our
(binding!) agreement with NCSA permits us to give free copies of Sesame
to universities.

> >
> > (iv) will not disclose to any third party the content of
> > Software or Documentation, nor the fact that Licensee is a Beta
> > Test Software Evaluator, nor the results of such evaluation or
> > tests.

Thanks for the comment, which was also pointed out by Pavel Curtis.
We will fix this so that it makes sense.


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