Re: HTTP-NG: status report

Dave Raggett (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 15:14:29 +0100

Gary Adams writes:

> Actually, I'm suggesting that an http working group be formed to flush
> out the requirements and details of a next generation http spec, similar
> to the excellent work that has been done in the html working group for
> a verifiable and well documented HTML 2.0.

Great minds think alike!

Actually, I have already set the ball in motion for this. I ran a BOF on this
at the recent WWWF'94 conference, and will be doing the same at the IETF
meeting next month in San Jose, where we will be formally requesting the
settting up of an IETF HTTP working group. The mailing list for the new group
has already been set up, although its fairly quiet at the moment.

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