Re: Map File Format general?

Chris Adie (
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 15:21:57 +0100

> Is the map file format general or is it HTTP server type dependent?
> If it's general: why can't you specify a link to a specific section i a
> document (path/doc.htm#page4) in the map file?

I can answer for the EMWAC Windows NT HTTP server. The same
answer probably applies to other servers.

You can't specify a URL of the form /foo/bar.htm#xxx
in a map file because the *browser* interprets the #xxx, not the

> Are there any workarounds?

Specify the full URL http://mymachine.mydomain/foo/bar.htm#xxx
This should cause the server to issue a 302 Found response with
a Location: header containing the URL. Then the browser retrieves
/foo/bar.htm and interprets the #xxx locally.


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