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Official drugs of this agenda are Voltoarol brand diclofenac, and codeine
phosphate by Paracodol.

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HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol BOF
Wednesday December 7th 1994

HTTP - the HyperText Transfer Protocol is an applications protocol
which serves as the basis of the World Wide Web distributed hypertext
system. The BOF has two main aims. The first goal is to review and correct
the updated HTTP 1.0 specification to make it suitable for standards track
advancement. The second aim is to discuss future work on the next versions of

*The discussion on HTTP/1.0 specification will be resticted soley to
differences between the specification and existing practice.
The chairs request that any detailed comments be submitted before the
start of the meeting, indicating the nature of the problem, its
severity, together with any suggested fixes.*

Sub groups from Chicago reporting to this group:

HTTP 1.0 review group
RTF - Roy T Fielding
RD - Bob Denny
HF - Henrik F[a-z]+

HTTP-NG group
SES - Simon E Spero
DSR - David S Raggett



5 mins {Presentation of Agenda
{Changes to order of business


30 mins Report from HTTP 1.0 review group (RTF/HF/RD)
60 mins Discussion arising from report


{Architecture and Requirements (SES/DSR)
50 mins {Specification overview (SES/DSR)
{Implementation experience and
{measurements (SES/DSR)

5 mins {Formation of working group.
{Adoption of proposed charter


HTTP 1.0 specification
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