Re: Comments in media

David Koblas (
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 01:42:33 +0100

Since Kevin has given me such an easy lead in...

I'm just beta testing now a tool that does much of what Kevin is looking
for for GIF images. You can preview, provied you give me feedback, the
tool I'm finishing off. It is short documentation but '-help' should
tell you everything you will need to know.

This tool does a variety of things, add/remove comments and interlace
GIF images. Specifically it will batch convert large sets of images
for you so for those of you who want to redo you whole site with them
(it preseverses transparency). You should type (please make a backup

find RootDirectory -name \*.gif -print | xargs giftool -B -i

You can also add comments in such a way:
giftool -B \
+c "Copyright 1994, XYZZY Redistribution prohibited." *.gif

giftool also supports all of the transparency options that transgif
does, so you only need one tool to do everything you probably need to
do to GIF images.

I know that MPEG audio has a copyright, and copy policy blocks.  So
that you can say that this stream cannot be copied...  I cannot belive
that QuickTime is missing such a beast as copyright tags.
If there is enough interest, I will pop out the approprate JPEG tool,
but there needs to be sufficent interest.