revised fileupload proposal & SAMPLE IMPLEMENTATION

Larry Masinter (
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 22:46:22 +0100

There is a revised draft of the file-upload proposal, submitted to the
internet drafts editor, available as


As this was just submitted to the internet drafts editor, it might not
be available in the standard internet-drafts locations for a while.
(Please note that this URL will expire in two weeks; I'll try to find
a more permanent home for the files).

In addition to numerous wording changes, the substantive changes since
the last internet draft are:

* Propose ACCEPT attribute on <INPUT> types.
* change "multipart/www-form-data" to just "multipart/form-data"
* use "content-disposition" in "multipart" responses to identify
original file names (as per MIME spec)

Rob Potter of XSoft has created a prototype implementation of this
proposal. These are also in


and consist of diffs or revised versions of files from the Mosaic 2.4
for X windows sources:

README.txt overview
draft-ietf-html-fileupload-01.txt the revised internet draft

Source files for Mosaic 2.4 for X

Diffs for use with 'patch' in lieu of above-listed source files:

For testing:
filer.html a sample HTML form for file upload
vquery.c The C source to a CGI script for testing