Re: HTTP Futures

Thu, 1 Dec 1994 07:37:19 +0100

In addition to being abhorrent to most of us for all sorts of
reasons related to censorship, if there weren't some centralized
"power" and "control" involved, it wouldn't have a prayer....and not
much of one even then. Just like students always find ways to hack
systems (and not just computer systems), I can guarantee you that
some students would click up pix of mickey and minnie mouse from the
G server at and get a picture of three men, four women and
a pony doing all sorts of unnatural things. If ratings weren't
centrally controlled, you could also be sure that lots of 'porn
servers' would rate themselves G just for the hell of it.

One more reason that centralized control is less likely to happen
is the current slander/libel case against Apparently
their reputation and practice for actively censoring postings on
their service make them MUCH more liable for the postings on the
system than others that make a "common carrier" defense with great


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