http-ng metainfo (was: SOAPs)

Simon E Spero (
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 02:08:18 +0100

One minor clarification, which only slightly contradicts my previous
message, and which I forgot about :-)

http-ng has two main ways of representing metainfo records. Commonly used,
and operationally significant fields are represented directly as fields
in the meta-info record. this includes values such as content types,
titles, copyright info and authorship information. Other, more detailed
cataloging information is sent in a format derived from MARC (the standard
for library cataloging). The broken MARC encoding scheme isn't used, but all
tags and subfields correspond to those used in USMARC.

This does include some information as to the potential sutiablity of
a work for juveniles, and I believe there may be support for movie ratings in
another field (I didn't bring my copy of the marc catalog with me, and
at the moment I don't think i could pick it up:(

unimarc could be substituted for usmarc, but i think it loses more than
it gains.