Re: Filters for WWW - #6304

Markus Peuhkuri (
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 20:24:59 +0100

>>>>> "P" == Phillip M Hallam-Baker <> writes:

P> a cultural-unification-complete problem. It is not possible to come

As it was pointed out by Philip Hallam-Baker, the level of
accectability varies very much in different cultures: somewhere even
faces of women are not allowed, some other places accept anything but
close-ups of genitals.

One sollution would be using proxy server and not allowing any
direct connections. The server could then filter all non-allowed
sites or documents. The server could be allow-by-default or
deny-by-default according to level of paranoid. Some organization
could keep lists and deliver them to those who want them. Of cource,
sites could voluntary tell "we have x-rated material".

This would solve problem of using own browsers, but of cource
one could use some internet provider and get access to those forbid
files. And one could use some url-by-mail server.

Using lists allows to restrict access to other material than
sexual. One could for example forbid some anti-capital-punisment site
-- or do you think they would set up
Content-Censorship: human-rights; level=1.0
headers in their reply or that they obey
Reject: human-rights; level=0.1

If someone is going to "protect" other people, (s)he should
have the trouble. I'm not going to think about my documents that
"this seems to contain religious material, subtype
christian/lutherian, level 0.5 and human rights, level 0.75 and humor,
level 0.25".

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