Re: Rating System for WWW Pages

Will Carlton (
Sun, 4 Dec 1994 13:07:13 +0100

We had a problem with some people downloading porn stuff with company
workstations during business hours which was (in political terms) "an
invalid use of company resources". What we did was set up a proxy
that would pass only certain sites which were "pre-approved for business
reasons". Since all workstations are behind a firewall, this seemed to
be an easy (but imperfect) solution.

I know this goes against the grain of many people, but we found that certain
people were just using the Web for strictly non-business/research purposes
and were becoming massively unproductive from a business perspective. I
think that the politics are going to change back to a more open policy
(which would be good IMHO), but a proxy configuration seems to do what you


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