Deployment of CCI

Yosi Mass (
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 09:48:38 +0100

I have been playing with CCI (Common Client Interface)
and Mosaic 2.5b and found it very powerfull. I would
like to discuss the following -

1. What is the status of CCI?

Is it going to be a standard interface (RFC)?

2. Are other browsers except Mosaic 2.5b are using it?

How hard is it to implement at the browser side?

3. Suggestions for future functionality of CCI

3.1 Add a window_id to CCI calls so that it is possible
to interact with a particular window (clone) inside the browser.

3.2 Be able to control windowing properties (x-y location, size,
scrolling position ...) of the browser and let
the browser report its properties through CCI.