Re: HTTP Futures
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 22:37:46 +0100

> From: SMTP%"" 5-DEC-1994 12:45:23.92
> simon writes:
> |Despite my mail address, can I just say that I don't plan to add any
> |censorship facilities ot HTTP-NG.
> Seems to me like this is an issue of concern mainly to those in North
> America, and that the rest of the civilized world both pays little
> attention to such pre-emptive attempts to control the flow of content,
> and would rather focus its creative energies on more pressing issues.
> -marc
Lost productivity because of excessive network browsing
is not as uncommon as one might wish. And I do wonder if
the rest of the world has given the same degree of access to
the network that we have in this country. Does everyone
have a computer account with full network access in other
parts of the world?