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Tue, 6 Dec 1994 15:02:21 +0100

Hello all,

First Id like to say that there isnt that much bad stuff out there on
the internet. Sure playboy has one naughty pic a month but not much
else. In fact the worst ive seen on the net apart from that on
playboy is a pic of cindy crawford in a swimming suit!! Okay but maybe
there are a few sex chatlines out there but its hardly worth having a
nightmare over.

Second i was thinking that a very simple type of censorship could be
implemented by making the browser not connect to paths that have key
words in them anywhere like sex or playboy or erotic.
This way you wouldnt have to wait ages for a file to load before being
told you arent allowed to access it, and secondly sites like playboy
and other sites wont be able to get around the restriction without
changing their name and that will be one very big hassle for obvious

For instance a path of HTTP://snoopy.com/erotic/archives

would not be allowed to proceed by the browser. Of course this
wouldnt cut out all bad stuff but it would cut out almost all of it.

Thirdly heres a real easy to answer question but i dont know too much
about this stuff yet.
Anyway what i was wondering was how do mosaic and gopher access sites
and what passwords and login user IDs do they use. The reason i ask is
because the sites can probably be accessed by FTP or TELNET but you
need particular IDs and passwords which i cant find (ive tried
anonymous and guest, but they wont work).

I would greatly appreciate any help on the above question,