CMS HTTPD release 2

Wed, 7 Dec 1994 12:28:56 +0100

Okay ... there's a new CMS (VM) HTTP server at

This will probably be mirrored to

but the cycle hasn't kicked-in. Will check tomorrow (Wed).
("gosh! look at the time!"; oh well; it's Wednesday already) ;-)

This release does not address two important issues:
filetype INDXHTML, which has been requested to accompany FILELISTs,
and the use of alternative SFS Filepools for user web spaces.
Untested is a flag to disable user web spaces, USERWEBS=OFF in the
config file. Also, it tries to address the security concerns
pointed out by Ross Patterson at Sterling. (thanks, Ross!) As with
any networking software, be wary. And finally, it includes an IMAGEMAP
CGI script (rect only; more later).

Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA