RE: Windows NT (http) server(s)

James 'J' Allard (
Sat, 10 Dec 1994 03:15:03 +0100

| What has been the experience of people using the NT as an http server?
| What is the "best" http server software for a PC running Windows NT? Any
| real-world experiences with the EMWACS server, specifically?

we've had a "little" experience w/ the emwac stuff :) - specifically,
it runs on a dual pentium system back here (>100,000
users/week). runs pretty solid and chris and co. at emwac have been
really good abt feedback and fixes. they recently announced an
arrangement w/ process software offer a commercial version of it w/
several planned enhancements. ameritech was demo'ing a commercial web
server at internet world last week in beta, and i believe there is some
work underway for a 32-bit port of ncsa's httpd to nt.

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