Windows NT (http) server(s)

Brian Farrar (
Sat, 10 Dec 1994 17:24:53 +0100

>What has been the experience of people using the NT as an http server?
>What is the "best" http server software for a PC running Windows NT? Any
>real-world experiences with the EMWACS server, specifically?
>Thanks much,
>Steve Habib Rose

I have been running HTTPS from EMWACS over NT 3.5 for about a month now.
Solely for traffic from our private network users (low volume). I have
exercised the support for WAIS searches.

Overall, I've been quite impressed with the ease of installation and the
stability of the app though admittedly at low volume. In terms of higher
volume applications, I think Microsoft is using it for their WWW presence
and (I think)
they provide some information about the platform their using and how many
transactions are occuring. Check it out at

What I don't know and would love others to comment on are the ease with
which CGI apps can be integrated? What about any existing public domain
examples ?