Re: Httm m server for Linux
Sun, 11 Dec 1994 21:15:30 +0100

I am looking a http server for Linux. I have found mosaic , tek, viola ...
but i dont know what to get. I want something easy to compile ( and to configure
;) ) .

Dont post your answers here, it would be better if you send me an Email.

if you want the easiest possible server to install, login to your linux machine,
and point a browser at, and follow the steps.
Oh, BTW, thanks to everyone who answered my question about server platforms for
running an http server. We chose linux because of the fact that we can run it
fast on cheaper machines, and the overwhelming support i got for it (i couldn't
find a driver for my scsi card on my computer that i wanted to test linux on. i
posted a message about it to comp.os.linux.development. within 1 hour somebody
(a person with experience with my scsi card, which was not exactly a common one)
wrote me a working driver, and had me up and running. All this on a sunday for
free. that's the kind of support you usually pay $1000's for)