announce: Unicode WWW mailing list
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 21:04:46 +0100

There's a new mailing list, WWW@Unicode.Org, which has been created
for indepth technical discussions of the possibility of modifying the
WWW protocols to support Unicode. It is going along the same lines as
some of the Unicode discussions on WWW-Talk, just a more focused
group with no other WWW issues.

If interested in joining this mailing list, send email to WWW@Unicode.Org
with a subject line of SUBSCRIBE, and a message body of "subscribe <your name>", i.e.:

To: WWW@Unicode.Org

subscribe <Your Name>

Unfortunately, the mailing list software is not automated, but a human
will filter out and handle the subscription requests...

Lee Fisher,, +1.206.936.8621