Re: Image Converters
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 16:34:36 +0100

Ralph Graw writes:
> [This message is converted from WPS-PLUS to ASCII]
> When dynamically producing pages with <IMG SRC=...> tags, we've run into a
> need to convert images from various formats (particularly JPEG) into GIF on
> the fly. A utility callable from a CGI script (Tcl running on Solaris)
> would be ideal. Surely the Unix world already has such and we don't have
> to code this from scratch? Not sure where we'd get the formats anyway...

You can use the JPEG-v5 and NETPBM utilities to do this, but I imagine
there is probably a faster way. Something like this:

echo 'Content-Type: image/gif'
djpeg [any options] filename | ppmtogif

Unfortunately, this won't give you a content-length, but oh well. :)

-Bill P.