Re: HTML-PS converter.

Joe English (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 22:07:58 +0100 (Fred E Potts) wrote:

> This is what sgmls set at recommended (strict) has to say about
> :
> sgmls: Error at -, line 1 in declaration parameter 4:
> Could not find external document type "HTML"

Stop right there :-)

If sgmls can't find the DTD, don't expect much else to work.

> [ 66 lines of errors deleted ]
> What am I missing here? Certainly a return like the above would cause
> me to rework the document.

You need to set up a catalog file (or if you've got
a pre-1.1.91 version of sgmls, set $SGML_PATH (shudder)

You also need to supply the SGML declaration for HTML
on the command line. Get html.decl from

(a catalog file and the HTML DTD(s) are there too)

and run

sgmls html.decl browserbuster.html

It parses fine.

--Joe English