Searchable version of HTML 2.0 Spec

John Franks (
Sat, 17 Dec 1994 17:49:46 +0100

I recently put up a copy of the HTML 2.0 draft specification as a demo
for one of the nice features of the new WN server. It occurred to me
that many people who aren't interested in WN might be interested in
access to a searchable version of the spec, so I am publicizing it

There are two things you might find useful about this that I haven't
found available at other sites. First there is what I consider a very
nice full text regular expression search at

and there is an index of over 1100 words and phrases which occur in the
39 HTML files of the spec with links that will take you to the proper
location in the text. This can be found at

If you just want to view the specification from the top try

John Franks