Re: ? SHTTP Flowcharts? Cliff Notes?

Allan M. Schiffman (ams@eit.COM)
Sun, 18 Dec 1994 07:01:04 +0100

Roy L. Roberts <> wrote:
>I'm going through the SHTTP fyi 6/94 and the referenced rfc's. Has anybody
>reduced SHTTP down to pseudo-code 'paint-by-the-numbers' yet? I want to
>incorporate SHTTP capability into my server code and I'd appreciate any
>to additional information anyone is kind enough to offer.

The S-HTTP specification of 6/94 (describing version 1.0 of the protocol)
has been superceeded by a spec released this month describing version 1.1.
It has been published as an Internet Draft "draft-rescorla-shttp-00.txt",
available in the usual places. You can always find the latest version at

We haven't gotten it down to the "Cliff Notes" description yet, but you may
find the new spec more readable. Any suggestions on how to improve the spec
is welcomed.

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