NCSA Mosaic v2.0A8 Release

Windows Mosaic Tech Support (
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 07:27:49 +0100

Mosaic(TM) for Microsoft Windows Version 2.0alpha8 is available on NCSA's
ftp server, NCSA Mosaic is a network navigational tool
that will allow you to access networked information with the click of a mouse
button. Mosaic is capable of accessing data via protocols such as HTTP,
Gopher, FTP and NNTP (Usenet News) natively, and other data services such as
Archie, WAIS, and Veronica through gateways. NCSA Mosaic was designed to
provide its user transparent access to these information sources and
services. Mosaic is copyrighted by the University of Illinois. However,
is available at no cost to individual users, Academic organizations,
Government organizations and for internal business use. If you plan to
redistribute Mosaic or profit from the use of Mosaic, you should contact
NCSA for licensing information. (

With our latest compile we have created a native version of Mosaic for the
iX86, Mips, DEC and PPC processors. Below are the naming schemes we will
be using for this release.

mos20a8.exe Win3.1, WWG & NT (iX86 processor)
axp.mosaic.2.0.0a8.exe NT for the DEC aXP
mips.mosaic.2.0.0a8.exe NT for the MipsPC
ppc.Mosaic.2.0.0a8.exe NT for the Power PC

Unfortunately, the ppc version of A8 will be delayed until we get over
our old compilier blues.

Added Features

-Common Client Interface
-Options ->> Preferences menu
-Stand Alone Mode: NCSA Mosaic can now be used with out a network
connection )

Added Tags:
- Tables <TABLE><CAPTION><TR><TH><TD>etc.....
- Underline <U>
- Strikeout <STRIKE> or <S>
- Simple Superscript <SUP> or <SUPER>
- Simple Subscript <SUB>
- Forms: input controls of TYPE=Image are supported


-Mosaic supports inline Transparent Gifs.
-The NCSA Mosaic logo has a new look.
-Mosaic will use the Temp directory as defined in your autoexec.bat file.
-The way Mosaic displays data has improved significantly.
-Mosaic is more forgiving about bad html. It shouldn't crash if it encounters
bad html.

Bug Fixes

-Anchor underline
-All known printing bugs
-Color palette problems
White space is handled properly
Mosaic will remember the fields on a form after you submit it.
SUBMIT and RESET function properly
CHECKBOX and RADIO controls function properly.
PLAINTEXT uses the preformatted sytle for display.
TEXTAREA controls function properly

NCSA Mosaic for Windows version 2.0 alpha 8 is available from our anonymous
ftp server,, in the /Mosaic/Windows directory. You can
also get to release information from our home page.

We hope you enjoy this latest version of Mosaic,

The NCSA Software Development Group



- Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups Users

Before you begin, make sure you are using Win32s v1.20 with OLE support.
You can find w32sOLE.exe on NCSA's ftp server in the /Mosaic/Windows

**** WIN32S v1.2 with OLE MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE YOU RUN Alpha 8 ****

- If you want to use NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows as an Internet
Information Browser. You need an Internet access provider and a winsock
application that will provide the necessary networking environment. Windows
NT and Win95 users have the winsock built-in to their environments. Win3.1
and WfW, you will need to obtain a 1.1 compliant winsock application.

If you are running a commercial TCP/IP stack, such as FTP Software, Novell,
PCNFS, etc., you will need to obtain that vendors winsock.dll. If you don't
have commercial networking software and need a winsock.dll, you are welcome
to try the shareware product called the "Trumpet Software International
Winsock". You can find the latest version of this software at the anonymous
ftp site: Check the /pc/trumpet/winsock directory for the
latest version.