RE: Stayin' Alive

John Ludeman (
Sun, 1 Jan 1995 00:22:28 +0100

| From: Rick Troth <TROTH@UA1VM.UA.EDU>
| To: John Ludeman; <>
| Subject: RE: Stayin' Alive
| Date: Tuesday, December 20, 1994 7:44PM
| >Hi Rick,
| >
| >The way this has been discussed on www-speed (and subsequently
| >www-talk) is to add a HTTP header line "Pragma: Keep-connection" that
| >basically works like:
| But did we reach agreement? I wasn't sure.

I think a general consensus for this particular proposal was reached.

The disadvantage with Pragma: Keep-connection is that it can't be used
with downlevel proxies because current proxy definitions pass along
pragmas thus if a proxy doesn't support the pragma but both endpoints
do, there's some poor interaction. In this respect, I tend to prefer
Alex Hoffman's SESSION method proposal. It has the advantage you can
send multiple requests at a time and the server serializes the
responses. In addition it works better across proxies and is more in
line with HTTPng. The disadvantage of the SESSION proposal is it
requires more server and client mods, but I'm willing to live with that.

Alex, can you give a pointer to the current proposal?