fyi -- Netscape Communications ships 1.0 products

Marc Andreessen (
Sun, 1 Jan 1995 00:29:16 +0100

I'm happy to pass this on to readers of these groups... thanks
to all of our beta testers for Netscape Navigator and the Netsite
servers for helping to make this possible!



MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (December 15, 1994) -- Netscape Communications
Corporation today announced the availability of the 1.0 versions of its
Netscape Navigator and Netsite server line, including the Netsite
Commerce Server with integrated security. The availability of these open
software products, announced in September, enables Netscape Communications
to offer the first complete, secure client/server software system for
conducting commerce and exchanging information via the Internet and private
TCP/IP networks.

Netscape Communications also announced today that it is setting the
single-user price of its Netscape Navigator for commercial use at $39. The
pricing -- which includes a 90-day warranty, 90-day online or phone
support, and diskette or CD -- makes it readily affordable for commercial
users, giving the largest potential number of users access to commercial
strength, supported technology. Netscape Navigator 1.0 is available for
free downloading on the Internet for academic and non-profit use, as well
as for free evaluation purposes.

The Netsite server line includes the Netsite Commerce Server with
integrated security as well as the Netsite Communications Server. The
Netsite Commerce Server, incorporating Netscape Communications' Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) based on RSA Data Security technology, is the first
secure server software available for the Internet. When paired with
Netscape Navigator or other Internet browsers supporting SSL, the Netsite
Commerce Server lets users take advantage of such commercial services as
online publications, financial services and interactive shopping.

The Netsite Commerce Server and Netsite Communications Server deliver
power, efficiency, and ease of configuration and maintenance to
organizations, publishers, and information providers who want to create an
Internet presence. The Commerce Server adds SSL security technology which
provides encryption for creating a secure channel to prevent others on the
network from tapping into the transaction, and authentication for verifying
the legitimacy of the server. Both servers are based on the open
industry-standard HTTP protocol and are available for major UNIX platforms.

Available for all popular desktop environments, Netscape Navigator is a
powerful and secure commercial navigator for the Internet, offering
point-and-click network navigation. It is optimized to run smoothly over
14.4 kilobit/second modems as well as higher bandwidth lines, delivering
performance as much as ten times that of other network browsers. Netscape
Navigator provides a common feature set and graphical user interface across
computers running the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, or X Window System
operating environments.

Netscape Navigator for free evaluation, academic or non-profit use can be
obtained via anonymous FTP from Free evaluation use allows
individuals to use the software for the purpose of determining whether they
want to purchase an ongoing software license. Academic and non-profit use
means that students, faculty and staff of educational institutions and
employees of non-profit organizations have unlimited free use of the
software. Educational institutions and non-profit organizations can also
obtain a license free of charge to redistribute Netscape Navigator to these
individuals. Organizations or individuals wishing to use Netscape
Navigator for commercial purposes can purchase supported, licensed copies
of Netscape Navigator directly from Netscape Communications. Pricing
starts at $39 for a single user license, and volume discounts are available
for right-to-copy licenses for multiple users.

Also available direct from Netscape Communications, the Netsite
Communications Server is $1,495 and the Netsite Commerce Server is $5,000.

Customers wishing to order Netscape Navigator or Netsite servers can do so
on the Internet at

Marc Andreessen
Netscape Communications Corp.
Mountain View, CA