Searchable Web info (was Finding CGI spec...)

Nick Arnett (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 05:31:44 +0100

At 7:09 PM 1/1/95, Carlos Miguel Paraz wrote:
>hoohoo at NCSA doesn't seem to give out the CGI documents. ("not found")
>Does anyone know another place to get them, preferably from a FTP site?
>Thanks to all.

You tried <URL:>? Just worked
for me.

There's also some info at <URL:>.

In the "teach a man to fish" category, I'll add the somewhat self-serving
(excuse the pun) information that we're indexed a bunch of Web-related
documents, including these, at <URL:>.
It's still a bit rough -- we're building the list of sites that we'll keep
indexed; we're also building a Web knowledgebase to go with it. My HTML
archives of this list and others are included (but I'll warn you that the
index and the documents are temporarily out of sync -- I just cleaned a lot
of old data out of the mail archives).

So, please whack on it when you've looking for information about the Web.
Feedback is welcome, as always.

We'll make a real announcement of it when we have a robust set of indexes
and the knowledgebase...

Oh, I just realized that there's a crude knowledgebase there already. One
thing that's in it is a bunch of synonyms and such for "World-Wide Web,"
which is called "www-nicknames". For example, if you wanted to search for
any reference to the Web (such as W3, WWW, etc.) and publishing, you might
enter a query like this:

www-nicknames <and> publish

A few other Topics in the knowledgebase:

www-servers (knows various names about httpds)
O'Reilly-names (will get references to ORA and its products)