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January Update on ....

AusWeb95 - First Australian WWW Conference - Australia, April/May 1995
Ballina Beach Resort, Ballina, Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia=
29 April to 2 May 1995


AusWeb95 will be hosted by Southern Cross University at the Ballina Beach
Resort in Ballina on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia from
29 April to 2 May 1995.

There has been considerable interest in AusWeb95 and it seems likely that
the conference will be a sellout at 120 registrants as will the
preconference workshop with only 20 participants. We have always conceived
of AusWeb95 as being small enough that participants can meet everyone at
the conference and we have designed the program to maximise interaction.

=46ull details on AusWeb95, a form to register interests, photos of the
conference venue and of Ballina and nearby Byron Bay can all be seen at:

or email the organisers at

Copies of the AusWeb95 pamphlet are also available from the confernce


A number of overseas participants have indicated their participation in AusW=
and, following our assessment of the interests of participants (see below),
keynote speakers are currently being finalised.


We are pleased to announce that AusWeb95 is being sponsored by CISCO
Systems and other sponsorships are being arranged.


The registration of interests form allows nomination of interests and space
to include other areas of interest. Following feedback from registrants on
the form and by email, we have been able to plan the conference to
accomodate most interests. The (near to final) program is as follows:

=46riday 28 April

Preconference Workshop participants arrive.

Saturday 29 April

9:00am-5:00pm All day Preconference Training Workshop
7:00pm Preconference workshop dinner at Ballina Beach Resort.

Sunday 30 April

9:00am-5:00pm All day Preconference Training Workshop
8:00pm Conference Dinner and Official Opening. The conference dinner
is being held at the start of the conference so that everyone has a
chance to meet the other conference participants before the conference

Monday 1 May

9:00-9:15 Conference opening.

9:15-10:00 am "The best Web site competition".

10:00-10:15am Morning Tea

10:15am-12:00pm Simultaneous sessions
Session 1 Overview of Web Developments
Session 2 Connectivity and emerging services

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

Session 3 Web tools and publishing on the web
Session 4 Management issues and security including payment systems

1:45-2:30pm Simultaneous sessions
Session 5 Tutorial - Interfacing the Web to Applications
Session 6 Libraries including archival issues and information retrieval

2:30pm-2:45pm Afternoon Tea

3:00-4:30pm Simultaneous sessions
Session 7 Commerce on the WorldWideWeb
Session 8 Education - discipline specific-sciences, medicine, engineering et=
Instructional design, testing

Enjoy the pool, spa, sauna at the Ballina Beach Resort or the beach, then:

6:30 BBQ Dinner
7:30-8:30 Overseas speaker
8:30pm Face to face networking

Tuesday 2 May

9:00 -10:15am Simultaneous sessions
Session 9 Collaborative use of the Web, VR, sociology of the web, gender iss=
Session 10 Education discipline specific, humanities and commerce, arts

10:15-10:30am Morning Tea

10:30am-11:15am Simultaneous sessions
Session 11 Extending web capabilities by integrating external applications
Session 12 Hypertext theory, interfaces, presentation standards

11:15-12:00pm Simultaneous sessions
Session 13 Tutorial - Using the Web for Workflow
Session 14 Campus wide information services (CWISs)

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

1:30-3:00pm Poster and Birds of a Feather sessions

3:00-3:15pm Afternoon Tea

3:15-4pm Simultaneous sessions
Session 15 Commercial and corporate applications of the Web including copyri=
Session 16 Australia and the Web - what is our future?

4:00-5:00pm Plenary session and overseas speaker


In each of the two conference rooms there will be high quality video
projection equipment and computers with permanent connection to the
Internet. Presenters can show the appropriate Web pages during
their discussions.


AusWeb95 panel of paper refereees and session moderators and chairs are:

Name Organisation
---- ------------
G=F6ran Karlsson Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Helen Ashman Defence Science & Technology
Stewart Adam Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Adrian Vanzyl Monash Medical School
John Neuhaus Southern Cross University
Phil Nanlohy University of Western Sydney
Tom Docherty Curtin University of Technology
David Watson University of New England
Deidre E. Stanton Murdoch University
Glyn Rimmington University of Melbourne
Arshad Omari Edith Cowan University
Peter Gilmour Monash University
David Watson University of New England
Vicky Wilson Edith Cowan University
Nils Meulemans University of Brussels, Belgium
Geoff Hill Southern Cross University
Ken Hensarling Honolulu Community College, USA
Martin Putterill University of Auckland, NZ
Allan Palmer University of Queensland
Andrew Treloar Deakin University
Keng Chua Southern Cross University
Michael Nott University of Melbourne
Liddy Nevile Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Danny Guo University of Cape Town, South Africa
Ian Sims Edith Cowan University
Linda Rouse UNILINC
Shane Doak Double Impact Multimedia
Gert Gast Byron Telecentre
John Julian OLAA
Michael Lean Queensland Univ of Technology
Les Goldschlager Monash University
Trevor Housley Trevor Housley Consulting
Bill Simpson-Young CSIRO
Keith Ruskin New York University, USA
Scott Balson City of Ipswich

Our thanks to all these volunteers.


There will be both full papers and poster sessions at AusWeb95. Full papers
will be moderated on the basis of submission of abstracts and will normally
be between 2,000 and 5,000 words in length. The proceedings will be made
available on the Web and also in print form in "R Debreceny and A Ellis (199=
AusWeb95 Lismore, NSW: Norsearch".


The key dates for AusWeb95 are:

23 January 1995 - Abstracts due for full papers
3 February 1995 - Decisions on abstracts and tracks
3 March 1995 - Early bird registrations close
23 March 1995 - Full papers due
23 March 1995 - Final date for poster sessions proposals
23 March 1995 - Final date for Birds of a Feather proposals
29-30 April 1995 - Preconference Workshop
30 April-2 May 1995 - AusWeb95

Given that many of us in Australia will only just be back from summer
holidays in mid-January, there will be a few days leeway in the acceptance
of abstracts for full papers .. but if you have your abstract ready on 23
January please let us have it at that time so that the refereeing pipeline
can be filled. Remember abstracts should be sent by email to
<>. The final papers will be required in HTML format ..
details are on the AusWeb95 server.

Proposals for BoF or poster sessions can be emailed at any date up to 23 Mar=


Our thanks to Ken Yap and Bill Simpson-Young from CSIRO for offering to run
two tutorial sessions which are Sessions 5 & 13.

Session 5 Tutorial - Interfacing the Web to Applications
Session 13 Tutorial - Using the Web for Workflow


Apart from Ken and Bill's tutorial sessions there will be a "hands on"
Preconference Training Workshop which will be held at the University on
Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April. The workshop is designed for those who
have heard about the Web and wish to learn about this important resource.
No WWW, or for that matter Internet, experience is assumed. Participants
will learn how to author WorldWideWeb materials and how to bring a server
to the net. The workshop will be very much hands on and will use training
materials which have been developed for staff at Southern Cross University.
The workshop will conclude with each participant developing material which
will incorporate text, graphics, video and sound.


AusWeb95 will cost:

Early-Bird registration up to 3 March 1995
o Conference & Accomodation A$550 US$410
o Training Workshop & Accomodation (max 20 people) A$650 US$490
o Combined Conference and Preconference Training Workshop A$1,090 US$8=

Regular registration from 3 March 1995
o Conference & Accomodation A$650 US$490
o Training Workshop & Accomodation (max 20 people) A$650 US$490
o Combined Conference and Training Workshop A$1,190 US$890

The Conference fee includes:

o accomodation at the Ballina Beach Resort on a first-come,
first-served basis with alternative accomodation at other high quali=
motels in Ballina for two nights
o two conference dinners, all other meals, morning and afternoon teas
o conference proceedings.

The Preconference Training Workshop fee includes

o full set of training notes and slides
o ancillary materials
o two nights accommodation
o dinner on the Saturday night and all other food.
o coach transport between Ballina and the university campus


The conference email address is
The conference URL is

The following staff at Southern Cross University can be contacted for furthe=
information on AusWeb95:

Norsearch, the university conference organisers:
Julie Burton, Email:
+61 66 20 3932 Fax: +61 66 22 1954
Sheridan Daley, Email:
+61 66 20 3932 Fax: +61 66 22 1954

Academic conference team:
Allan Ellis, Email:
Phone: +61 66 20 3611
Roger Debreceny, Email:
Phone: +61 66 20 3837


If you can't make AusWeb95 you might like to think about attending TALOW95
Teaching and learning on the Web run by the University of Melbourne in late
January. Check out:

Or the International Asia-Pacific Rim World Wide Web Conference, which will
be hosted by Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga in September. Check

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