Re: GIF announcement from CompuServe

Adam T. McClure (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 00:11:24 +0100

> Maybe as a result server administrators will configure their server in
> such a way that connections to compuserve addresses are denied (this is
> fairly easy). Thus, Compu$erve can be kept from making money by selling
> access to WWW - when at the same time they screw with Web developers
> and users through such an incredible move. Grrr.

> e-mail:

Dear Friends,

While I agree with Chris that this recent move by Unisys is a blow to
the www community, I hesitate to support wholesale refusal of Compu$$
connections. I am currently in the process of setting up a sub-domain
here and am faced with realizing many users can only gain an on-ramp
through the use of providers like Compu$erve. If such a move to deny
connections were to be made I would strongly encourage appropriately
posting reasons to Compu$erve forums so that members understand why
they are being denied the valuable resources of the WWW. I personally
feel that the solution is to begin immediate support of JPEG and another
lossless compression scheme (like the suggested GNIF). However, I think
this brings up an interesting point. How are we able to notify all the
web server admin folks out there that the standards have changed and that
they are now supposed to use another method? The registration lists are
a good start, but I think this will be an interesting test of how connected
we all really are. :-) Best of luck to us all!

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