Re: The GIF format as intellectual property

Robert Litchfield (litch@InterLink.NET)
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 00:55:47 +0100

>None of this is rocket science. If those three things can be pushed forward
>with a minimum of fuss, and no time wasted fighting with Compuserve and/or
>Unisys, I think the Web could be using JPEG and GNIF as its primary format
>within two months. We'd also show that the internet isn't all flame and no
>action - that kind of concerted movement around an obstacle would prove a
>substantial warning to anyone else who thinks of playing this kind of legal
>game in the future.

As an owner of a company that is just finishing up setting up it's own web
server, I will agree with what has been said. It will not hurt for us to
just simply move away from gif and adopt will provide for faster
WWW for those on a SLIP account...and these numbers are growing.

I will vote for the change :)

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