Re: The GIF format as intellectual property

Tim Trautmann (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 03:39:33 +0100

>As an owner of a company that is just finishing up setting up it's own web
>server, I will agree with what has been said. It will not hurt for us to
>just simply move away from gif and adopt will provide for faster
>WWW for those on a SLIP account...and these numbers are growing.
>I will vote for the change :)

Hello fellow Webweavers,
there is NO NEED to panic... please read compu$erves statement on their web
server, and you will all soon find out that Compu$erve actually welcomes the
use of GIF on the Web and on internets in general.

For those not directly at browser right now, here is a little excerpt:

--- schnipp ---
CompuServe remains committed to keeping open the GIF 89a specification both
within CompuServe and in areas outside CompuServe. CompuServe continues to
strongly support the use of the GIF specification in the entire online
community including the Internet and World Wide Web. This agreement will be
transparent to
end-users and will not result in any charges for people using viewers or
transmitting GIF images.
--- schanpp ---

URL is


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