RE: GIF announcement from CompuServe

Mike Emke (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 04:33:56 +0100

>Christian Neuss, wrote:
>Maybe as a result server administrators will configure their server in
>such a way that connections to compuserve addresses are denied (this is
>fairly easy). Thus, Compu$erve can be kept from making money by selling
>access to WWW - when at the same time they screw with Web developers
>and users through such an incredible move. Grrr.

I tottaly agree. I've had a Compu$erve account which I havn't used for
about 5 months. I've been meaning to cancel the account and this is a darn
good reason. I've also added too the list of URL's we DO NOT
allow to connect to our site. Does anyone have an e-mail address of a
person at Compu$erve we can mail our thoughts to?


Mike Emke Web Engineer