Re: The GIF format as intellectual property

Eric Bina (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 05:00:21 +0100

> Remember the pattent doesn't affect reading image formats, so LWZ compression
> don't have to be licensed by the client.
> David

I have seen no legal opinion anywhere to confirm this.

The following:

> For organizations introducing World Wide Web servers and Home Page
> offerings, most will not be required to secure a license from Unisys. Most
> organizations acquire software from other developers to create their
> offerings on their servers. Therefore, only the software firms who sell the
> enabling software for profit would be expected to secure a licensing
> agreement from Unisys.
> ...
> Media contacts: Unisys Public Relations -- Bob O'Leary (215) 986-6413
> or Oliver Picher (215) 986-5367

Certainly implies that Unisys expects commertial Web
clients and servers to license from them.