Re: Automatic Page Updates
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 22:30:11 +0100

on the subject of "Re: Automatic Page Updates ", Christian Mogensen postulated:

> >An example use of this would be if a Client requests a stock price
> >page and keeps the page displayed. Now suppose the stock price
> >changes. Is there a way within HTTP for the Server to update the page
> >automatically without requiring the user to click on the reload option?
> Another way to do this is to provide a stock-ticker application that
> is initialized by the web client when it receives application/x-stock-ticker
> data. The browser forks off the special viewer which opens a separate
> communication channel to the server.
> The previously noted use of Expires: xxx header is interesting - I don't
> think it will work in the described manner until after a few revisions
> of browser software have passed...

I would think another method of doing this would be a configurable option
in the browser indicating how frequently (in minutes?) it should reload the
current document. The default setting would be "never" or "zero", of
course. This wouldn't require anything from HTTP.


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