Anybody actually using www_and_frame?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 06:59:53 +0100

I just got a request from some publisher to distribute www_and_frame
with their book. I don't think that would be a good idea. That package
was something of a hack back in '92 when I wrote it, and I can't
believe anybody could make productive use of it today.

I still get quite a few "I can't get it to work... can you help?"
messages about this thing, but as far as I know, I've never actually
helped anybody get it working.

So I'll ask here: is anybody actually using www_and_frame?

Is everybody using Webmaker?

Does Frame Technology sell a solution to this problem?

Unless I hear that www_and_frame actually serves some useful purpose,
I'm going to tell the publisher no thanks.