Batched HTML/HTTP Transfer

Carlos Miguel Paraz (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 02:42:05 +0100


I am interested in implementing a batched HTTP transfer scheme.
We are building a local dialup network running on UUCP/Fidotech, with
only one node hooked up to the Internet, hitching on a university.
I'd like to have a way by which once a day, a robot on the IP node
(the WWW line browser, perhaps?) gets updates of certain WWW sites.
Or better yet, if it could somehow be informed by the site that a
change has taken place. Then, the web page, along with its local (on
the same site) cross-references, would be taken.

I was then thinking that this data would be encapsulated in a mail
message, or even a local USENET group, for easier distribution, with
appropriate MIME encapsulation of the pictures/sounds/binary data.
A decoder on the sites which will receive this would then transform it
back to the original page, except that of course the URLs that point
to things outside of the current batch would not be accessible.

Anyone have ideas on what software to use? Has anyone done this
already? Is it feasible at all? It would be great since IP connectivity
is scarce in these parts.

Thank you, all!

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