Walter Houser (houser@cpcug.org)
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 18:29:57 +0100

I'm breaking silence to forward (with permission) comments by a colleague
on Mosaic ver 2 Alpha 8 release. As you can note, these comments have been sent
to NCSA already.

>TO: mosaic-win@ncsa.uiuc.edu
>FROM: maloney.dan@forum.va.gov
>Great new release. I really like all the improvements you folks have
>implemented. You are having an impact on the world. Keep up the
>excellent work.
>I downloaded the new version 12/20/94. Since then I have found the
>following "features" which you may want to investigate
>1. Links to local .GIF files do not work (using LVIEW31). We often use
>this feature during testing of HTML files, ie files are on local computer
>drive (the client). This worked with alpha 7.
>2. Internal anchors do not work if there is a space in the NAME, ie "WEST
>VIRGINIA" . Using the name "WESTVIRGINIA" or "WEST_VIRGINIA" will work,
>but we would need to rewrite everything.
> will give the error: Failed Internal Anchor "WESTVIRGINIA"
>Spaces in the NAME worked with Alpha 7 and do work with Netscape. I don
>not know what the official standard is.
>3. The follwing code works from the server, but does not work from local
> <a href="/publ/vbab/toc.htm">Veterans Benefits Manual</a>
>It gernerates the following error:
>HTAccess: Error accessing "file:///publ/vba/toc.htm: Local File Not Found
>This did not work in version 7 either, but it does work with Netscape.
>Until our organization is better connected to INTERNET in more locations,
>I find that the local demo works well for presentations. I would prefer
>to uses the NCSA Mosaic to demo, so I am probably more concerned with
>these local file access issues than others people .
>I am with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and our web server is
>"www.va.gov". Thanks for your continued efforts!
>email: maloney.dan@forum.va.gov
>phone: 301-427-3700
>fax: 301-427-3711
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