Re: message format of mouse actions (plus an Easter egg)

Paul Burchard (
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 21:28:31 +0100 (Luke Y. Lu) writes:
> I was wondering if there is any standard regarding the
> message of mouse/pointing-device actions sent by www
> client/browser. It seems most browsers out there only
> support one kind of URL encoded action/message:
> 1) a click:
> URL?x-coord,y-coord
> 2) select a region:
> URL?"shape definition as in html 3.0 dtd"

The HTML 3.0 SCRIBBLE widget handles arbitary pen input using the JOT
ink standard (not just mouse input; returned data may include time
and pressure info). Ask your favorite browser authors to implement

Speaking of _really_ cool easter eggs, NCSA X Mosaic in fact has a
secret prototype pen-input widget. Unlike SCRIBBLE, it doesn't use
the JOT ink standard, and it also doesn't allow a background image
SRC, but it still gives a taste of the fun things you'll be able to
do with SCRIBBLE.

To see this in action, fire up your NCSA X Mosaic and take a look at
the Kali-Jot program at the Geometry Center:

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