Re: message format of mouse actions (plus an Easter egg)

Daniel Dardailler (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:01:10 +0100


> I was wondering if there is any standard regarding the message of
> mouse/pointing-device actions sent by www client/browser.

I guess you're referring to supporting the new HTML 3.0 FIG construct
at the protocol level - I saw your message on www-html.

First, I'm not sure that extending the set of mouse events being sent
on the wire is in the line of FIG or HTML 3.0. I'd say on the
contrary, the idea is that none of that should happen and that with
FIG, all "mouse click"/URL mapping is now done locally, rather than in
on the httpd side (so there is no need to pass it there).

> 1) a click:
> URL?x-coord,y-coord
> 2) select a region:
> URL?"shape definition as in html 3.0 dtd"
> 3) select a region and drag the region to a new position:
> URL?"shape definition as in html 3.0 dtd"+x1,y1+x2,y2

We (the X Consortium) have a thousand more items to add to your list,
just check the X Protocol Version - the Event handling chapter, for
details :-)

No, seriously, you shouldn't try to re-implement a low level UI
protocol on top of HTTP, that would be a big mistake.

> P.S: Oh, an Easter egg in Netscape for you patient reader. Select
> About Netscape, the "Netscape communication corporation" logo is actually
> an image map. Click on it randomly, there is 94.3% chance that you will get
> "The Netscape Team 1994" -- list of netscape's authors, the remaining 5.7%
> chance will bring you to "The Mozilla Team 1994" which is a pretty cool
> jpeg of the Mozilla team, which is also an map. Click on the people on
> photo will bring you to their home pages. How to increase the 5.7% to 100%
> is left as an excersize :). A question though, where is marca?

Is it present in the 0.9 version of Netscape, or just in 1.0 ? (I
don't want to spend my morning clicking on the logo for nauth' :)