Re: Let's talk strategy (was: Re: Web Reliability)

Mike Meyer (
Sun, 30 Jul 95 12:29:52 PST

> All communicators have a common interest in effective communication.

Are you telling me the point of the fine print in a contract - with
all the things the lawyers don't want me to know - is to communicate
effectively? Somehow, I don't believe it.

> The enhancements to the presentation capabilities of the web made by
> Nescape have been generally welcome to all those attempting to present
> complex materials effectively.

Only if they weren't aware of other browsers that already had those
capabilities - and provided them in an interoperable standard. If you
were using a browser that already let you center things (and most of
them could right-align as well), dealt with non-breaking text, and
control fonts sizes, then the NetScape tags were just another variable
to give you headaches in trying to present complex materials