Overall Design Document Alterations
By Customer Group 4

System Overview

  1. Security is essential between end-users. While this is not have to include individual passwords for all different users, it should include passwords for the three different security levels, namely Doctors and Nurses, Administrators, and Super Administrators. Only the Administrators and Super Administrators should be able to change staff information, i.e. staff creation (in the case of hiring). Individual passwords for each person will be available as a future enhancement.

  2. Advance notices should not be generated in maintenance but in patient administration.

  3. In section 2.2.1, please make sure that ward information is unique and not duplicated.

  4. Why is section 2.2.2 listed under the maintenance functions? It doesn't seem logical to us that this should be a maintenance function.

  5. Under section 2.3.1, there should be a list of staff names & ids to select from, in case the user does not member the staff name or id.

  6. In section 2.3.2, the user should be able to display information based on a criteria as well, i.e., list nurses, ER staff, doctors etc.

  7. In section 2.3.3, warnings could be generated for duplicate names, or if there is some differing information.

  8. In section 2.3.4, information related to terminated staff should not be deleted from the database but rather marked as inactive and continued to be stored.

  9. In section 2.4.1, it should be possible to display a list of patients in waiting lists as well as patients in each ward.

  10. In section 2.4.3, discharged patient information should not be deleted but marked as discharged and the record is continued to be stored.

  11. We would like to see the data fields for the various objects, namely room, wards, patients, staff, etc.

User Interface

We found that the general specification for the user interface was quite acceptable. The uniform layout was a good idea. However, we have some additional suggestions and clarifications.

  1. We like to have another feature in the Patient/Staff/Operating Schedule screens. We would like to have a note box or a button referring to a special note to indicate special characteristics or situations regarding Patients, Staff, Staff Schedules or Operating Schedules.

  2. Change the UNDO button to MODIFY button. The reason is, that we find that it is more intuitive to have MODIFY instead of UNDO, since we are most likely to update Patient, Staff, Staff Schedules and Operating Schedules, rather than undo them.

  3. We also noticed that it was not specified that we can use the mouse to select fields to be edited instead of tabs. Although, using tabs is functional, however we like to have the option of using the mouse.

  4. Instead of deleting records, we prefer to archive old patients/staff/operations for our records.

  5. We would like to inquire about a backup system. Would it be feasible to implement a full backup system (either manually or automatically). Just in case of a disaster, little or none of the vital information will be lost.

  6. If there is still time available, after implementing the previous suggestions, we would like a password system. For means of security, to vital information that should not be available to all users of the system. For example, personal information of Patients and Staff.

Deliverable Functions

  1. While automatic changes of scheduled operations need not be performed by the computer, it should at least be possible for the staff to make manual changes to the information. In addition, staff should be able to cancel a scheduled operation manually.

  2. Automatic room availability search should be available to the user.

Product Simulation

While it is acceptable to call the final stage of the project a prototype, is it the case that this final version is a prototype of a full blown system without networking features and other agreed features that will run on a single PC? Section 4.2 needs clarification.

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