Library System Evaluation

Time Management

Time management for the library system was a hard task. For starters we had a lot of trouble in time estimation, which was one of the major drawbacks - time constraints put on us by our evaluators also didnt help. For instance we spent a lot of time for the 100 page document, where we thought that quality should have played a major part insted of quantity - that took us a long time and we felt that it was completly unnecessary to spend alo of time for the manual, where this effort could have been put to better use. It would seem that talking about building an excellent system is more important in 451 than actually doing it.

For coding it took us about 16 staff hours to implement the system, that includes code and fixing the bugs too, we had about 5 people working on the code. For documentation it to us more staff hours to implement, this being due to the fact we had to worry about quantity rather than the quality of the work.

With regards to the script testing and demo it took us about 3-4 staff hours.

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