Comments on User Documentation

Overall Impressions

Even though it is stated that future versions of the user manual would include sample data, this sample data should have been included in this one, especially where example user tasks are explained.

There are inconsistencies in the styles used to present each section of the manual. A single, consistent method should have been chosen in which to present the user manual.


The links available in the middle of the document to refer to other related areas are an excellent feature.

When using the "Freeze Terminal" option, what will occur if the user that performs this action forgets to unfreeze it?

There is no section on error recognition and handling or a list of known bugs. (This is requested in the user manual desription on the 451 home page).


There seems to be a lot of information that specifically refers to using common Windows features such as scrollbars and combo boxes. This tends to detract from the readability of the document and could have been included in an appendix.

Logging into and out of the system

The system doesn't seem to keep track of abnormalities in the login phase.


We think that the terminal should "timeout feature" so that if an employee forgets to logout the system will reset itself.

Cashier Window

It appears that a mouse is still required to access many of the functions on the cashier screen. A mouse will be a major inconvenience to someone running a check-out. There must be a way of performing all check-out functions without the use of a mouse.

To speed this process up, the default quantity of an item to purchase should be one, so the user doesn't have to keep entering the quantity on every purchase.

Should the Print Receipt and Finished Transactions buttons be combined? We don't see when one wouldn't follow the other.

Stocker Window

The instructions for the stocker window are clear and concise with the exception of one point. When looking up an item, it says that the user can scroll through the 'Item Name' field to find the item. Will this list be context sensitive also, meaning that if the user types in the name of the item he is looking for, will the list automatically focus on that item.

Personnel Window

In the Personnel Window section, there is a reference to a "New" button and an "Add" button that appear to have been renamed on the screen shots.

Product Window

Overall, we are pleased with the options available to the head manager. We feel that a lot has been done to accomodate our needs. The functions appear simple to use, yet powerful enough for our needs.

A concern of ours is the note that orders unauthorized by the head manager will be sent after a fixed period of time. Can this option be disabled, and/or the length of this fixed period of time be modified?

Warehouse System

There doesn't seem to be any way (from the Warehouse System) to determine which store an order came from. Obviously, this information is important.

The Warehouse System is said to be "automatic", yet it is stated that to fill an entire order, the user must repeat steps d) and e). We are confused on what is actually needed to complete an order. Does the system take care of it, or is the user required to click and indicate quantity for each item? Some orders may contain hundreds of items, making this procedure lengthy and cumbersome.