Script for Final Demo


  1. Robert Browning has been advised by his Doctor that he needs to go to the hospital to check on a heart murmur.

    To add him to the database click on the Add/New button. Enter the appropriate information for Robert Browning.

    When you have finished entering the data for Mr. Browning hit the Save button.

  2. Mr. Browning has realized that he has given you the wrong telephone number. To edit his information select his name from the list box so that his information will be loaded into the appropriate fields.

    To edit his information click on the Edit button, and correct his telephone number information.

  3. Mrs. Janet McGaw has given birth to triplets and is now being discharged from the hospital.

    Select her name from the list box so that her medical information will be loaded into the appropriate fields. Click on the Discharge button.

  4. To delete Mrs. McGaw's information from the database all together, load her information into the appropriate fields and then click on the Delete button.

  5. To clear the screen at anytime just click on the Clear button.

  6. To go back to the main menu or the previous window that was being used click on the Close button.

  7. Mr. Browning has been told that he has to have a quadruple bypass. To schedule him for surgery click on the Operating button. This will take you to the "Operating Room Schedule" screen.

  8. To add Mr. Browning to the operating schedule click on the Add/New button and enter the appropriate information. Then click on the Save button.

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Darrell Nash