System Overview

2.1 General Description:

The HMS (Hospital Management system) deals primarily with the scheduling and tracking of various hospital resources and patients. HMS schedules doctors and nurses to perform surgical procedures or to staff a given ward. HMS also admits patients, assigns them a room [in an appropriate ward] if one is available or assigns the patient to an admissions waiting list.

HMS is grouped into 3 major components:

Each component contains task related functions.

2.2 Summary of Required System Functions:

2.2.1 Patient Administration:

The patient administration module provides all the information regarding patients. Such information includes name, hospital insurance#, address and phone number, treatment information, admission date, room occupied and operation information if any. This module deals with adding, updating and deleting patient information. This module also handles admissions wait list features that include additions, deletions and updates to the waiting list.

Click here for a complete listing of patient attributes. User admits new patient User admits previous patient User changes treatment for patient User takes patient off Waiting list User discharges patient. User inquires about patient information User generates notification to patient

2.2.2 Staff-Administration Functions:

The staff administration module deals with staff information and scheduling. This module allows the user to add, delete and update staff records. The user may also view a particular staff record on demand.

Click here to see a complete list of staff attributes. User hires staff User terminates staff member User updates staff information User inquires about staff information

2.2.3 Scheduling:

The scheduling module, schedules staff into wards and operating rooms according to specific requirements. The scheduling module can be also used to schedule operating theaters and recovery rooms for surgical procedures.

Click here for a list of staff scheduling rules. User books an operation User changes scheduled operation User cancels an operation User makes up work schedule User updates work schedule User views own work schedule schedule User views ward schedule User queries operation schedule

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