Newspaper Delivery System - Informal Specification

This document is an informal specification of a newspaper delivery system which keeps track of our customers (hereafter referred to as households), our suppliers of newspapers and magazines (referred to as publications), and any subscriptions the households may have. As well, it should keep track of route information for our delivery staff (referred to as carriers) and their routes, billing information for our finance and sales department, and be able to produce summary information for the top executives.

We list the types of information that must be stored, followed by the functional requirements for that area of the system.


Primary information required for household is as follows: Secondary information that is required consists of the following: Functions:


Nothing done here yet!


Carriers make deliveries to households. They are identified by: It must be possible to create and delete carriers, and modify their identifying information (for example if they change phone numbers).


Each carrier delivers to a route, which is a set of households receiving subscriptions.

When a household is created, it must be automatically inserted into a route based on postal code information. It must be possible to move a household to a different route. A deleted household must be removed from the route it is on.

When a carrier is created, their route will be empty. A carrier can be deleted only when their route is empty.

The system must be able to provide the following information about routes:

On a video display, it must be possible to enter a household and determine the carrier responsible for deliveries to that household, as well as the subscriptions to be delivered on the current day.

If the route is entered, all households on the route must be displayed on the video screen, and it must be possible to page up and down through the list.

It must also be possible to enter a route and view the total number of deliveries for each product on the current day.

When a delivery is made to a carrier, a printout of the days deliveries will be attached. The system should provide this printout when a single route is selected, or for the entire set of routes. The printout must include:

On page one: The carrier name, address and phone number. A list of NEW households new to the route for the current day. A list of households with suspended deliveries on that day (vacations).

On successive pages: On one line, the household street address and the subscriber name. On following lines, indented, each product to be delivered on the current day, and the number of copies if greater than one. The deliveries to one household will be followed by a blank line, and cannot cross a page fold in the printout.


2107  Slowpoke Street                           Fred Manure
            Calgary Herald
            Reader's Digest

2119  Slowpoke Street                           Alison Smith
            Calgary Sun

The end page(s) of the printout for a route will contain a listing of the number of each product to be delivered. At the start of the day's deliveries, the carrier must determine that the bundle received contains sufficient product for the route. Also to listed on this page is the depot phone number, to be contacted by the carrier if errors have occured.


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