Newspaper Delivery System - Informal Specification

This document is an informal specification of a newspaper delivery system which keeps track of our customers (hereafter referred to as households), of newspapers and magazines we carry (referred to as publications), and any subscriptions the households may have. As well, it should keep track of route information for our delivery staff (referred to as carriers), billing information for our finance and sales department, and be able to produce summary information for the top executives.

We list the types of information that must be stored, followed by the functional requirements for that area of the system.


Information: Functions:


Information: Functions:


Carriers make deliveries to households.




Each carrier delivers to a route, which is a set of households receiving subscriptions.


Functions: Sample:

2107  Slowpoke Street           Fred Manure
            Calgary Herald	Special Instructions:
            Maclean's		- put papers in front of door (not mailbox)
          2 Penthouse
            Reader's Digest

2119  Slowpoke Street           Alison Smith
NEW!!       Calgary Sun		Special Instructions:
            Cosmopolitan	- mean dog


Information: Functions:

Summary Reports

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